why organic farming Organic Farming involves the use of traditional means of agriculture which include Indigenous variety of seeds, instead of genetically modified varieties. Instead of chemical based fertilizers, cow dung based manures and vermicomposts are used.

In place of chemical based pesticides, cow urine & neem leaved based pest repellants are applied.

Use of ox for ploughing.

For sustaining the fertility of the soil and keeping the agriculture produce non-toxic organic farming is important. By using chemical based fertilizers & pesticides, the crops are prone to become toxic & thus harmful for general health of the people. Furthermore, genetically modified seeds may yield greater output in terms of quantity, but over a period of time they reduce the fertility of the soil.

In organic farming ox is utilized for ploughing, so if this model becomes more popular than automatically the bulls and oxen can be engaged in agriculture and thus can be saved from being slaughtered.